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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11163640311482032871681116Lachlan J McKennaCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Seconds1 1Footscray
21052117901482032871537105*Harrison J SmythCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts1 1Footscray
382582252148203287205682*Jonathan W DeanCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Fourths2 1Melbourne University
478201858148203287155978*Nicholas J RossCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts3 1Ringwood
567401655148203287168767Jack C O'SheaCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Seconds2 1Melbourne University
660401655148203287168160Jack C O'SheaCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Seconds1 1Footscray
759100988148203287155959Thomas J SmythCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts3 1Ringwood
857395243148203287153757Brayden StepienCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts1 1Footscray
953395243148203287154353Brayden StepienCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts2 1Melbourne University
1053722629148203287205053*Connor W BraniffCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Fourths1 1Footscray
1152980268148203287205652James B PettittCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Fourths2 1Melbourne University
125193701148203287205051Brayden L TraceyCarlton2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Fourths1 1Footscray
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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