Carlton Cricket Club - Safe Transport Policy

 Safe Transport Policy

This policy aims to provide a basis for the responsible use and/or non use of alcohol by the Carlton Cricket Club and to avoid any incidents as people travel to or from the club and its events.

The Club understands and accepts its responsibility to the safety of our members and friends. The following requirements will apply when alcohol is served, either at the club or during a club function.

• Bar staff shall encourage members and visitors to make alternate safe transport arrangements if they are considered to exceed .05 blood alcohol concentration (or .00 if probationary driver)

• Telephone calls will be made free of charge to arrange a taxi or other transport

• Contact telephone numbers for taxi services will be clearly displayed

• In specific cases, where a designated driver nominated by the club has accepted the responsibility to drive others home safely, the club will provide non alcoholic drinks and bar food free of charge

• Bar servers will be provided non-alcoholic drinks and bar food free of charge by the club (only for club bar staff)

• Where available club transport will be provided to/from events

• A key register will be implemented

• Taxi vouchers will be considered as part of selected raffle prizes/player awards

• Committee will pre-order taxis to arrive at the venue at the conclusion of the function.

John McConville
Honorary Secretary