Volunteer Action Plan




President:        John R Douglas
                                                        Secretary:         Mark S Morris
                                                                              PO Box 286
                                                                 East Melbourne Vic 3002
                                                                       Mob: 0403 196 722




Volunteer Management Action Plan




1 Identify needs


  • Create position description for all club roles
  • Review all positions at the end of each season

2 Recruitment to be managed by club administrator


  • Target interested members
  • Target specific members for key roles eg. Social media, kitchen duties, scorers
  • Advertise volunteers through all digital media sides with position descriptions
  • Utilise Cricket Victoria to advertise opportunities
  • Keep record of all volunteer requirements eg. WWC, RSA

3 Induction


  • Ensure new starters know requirements of their role
  • Educate on clubs expectations behaviour wise and ensure they are partnered where possible with an experienced volunteer
  • Ensure new volunteers are issued club uniform and educated on proper governance for their role
  • Make sure all new volunteers are aware of any safety requirements for their role

4. Ongoing support


  • Ensure that all volunteers are aware of the clubs structural hierarchy and know the chain of command to report any issues
  • Continually discuss volunteer framework at committee meetings to ensure that all volunteers are given ongoing support and as a club we are working to best practices
  • Make recognition of all volunteers a priority
  • Ensure all volunteers are happy and feel respected in their role and are made aware of the value they bring to the club
  • Continuously be on the lookout for new volunteers for new vacancies or to boost numbers in the current roles






Telephone: 0403 196 722