Promotions and Communications plan

President:        John R Douglas
                                                        Secretary:         Mark S Morris
                                                                              PO Box 286
                                                                 East Melbourne Vic 3002
                                                                       Mob: 0403 196 722


2018-2019 Media and Communications Plan


What we can achieve:


  • Create an online presence that is the competition leader in professionalism and content
  • Consistent, relevant and up-to-date material relating to matches, players, supporters, friends, family and sponsors.
  • Create a space that positively represents OUR club for potential players, coaches, sponsors as well as representing us to the local community.
  •  How we can achieve it:

  • By upgrading and maintaining our current online assets, while implementing new initiatives such as video content.
  • Providing an outlet for audio/visual material to be displayed regularly, in tandem with written communications such as match reports.
  • Regularly updating scores and stories from all four games in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Providing a space where we can promote our sponsors to the wider Carlton Cricket Club community
  • Utilising the T20 Super Slam to its full advantage by heavily promoting it on Social Media and ensuring we tweet scores where possible and ensure volunteers and committee members are available for home games to run the BBQ and the canteen

    Role Description


    This is a brief summary of current and potential online activities that (may) need to be  completed during the course of the season. The following is by no means exhaustive or complete, and such it is not expected that one person would be responsible for all activities.


    Updating current online platforms


    Key:      Current task                     Potential task / improvement


    • Twitter - @carltonccscores
      • During games of all four elevens especially at the conclusion.
      • Promoting web content
  • Promoting audio/visual content
  • News updates / event promotion
  • Increasing followers in order to be able to promote club activities more effectively. Currently we have 3330 followers.
  • Increased interaction with followers to encourage support of matches, functions events and sponsor


  •     Facebook – Carlton Cricket Club
    • Pre-game updates to encourage supporters to attend

      v Post game wraps to announce scores / promote match reports

    • Add audio / visual content from matches and functions
    • News updates / event promotion
    • Expansion of Facebook following so that more people are interacting with our content i.e. Audio/Visual
  • Website –
    • News updates / event promotion
    • Uploading match reports
    • Creating links to social media content
    • Creating links to audio/visual content


      Potential online platforms / initiatives


  • Youtube – ‘Bluetube’ / ‘BluesTV’ / ‘BlueZone’
    • Creating a weekly interview segment with a player of the week.
    • Post game interviews with coaches / players / officials
    • Game footage
    • Segments designed on interacting with players / supporters / community


  • Promotion of sponsors through existing communications channels
    • Giving sponsors more exposure through our platforms via naming rights to segments / player of the week / videos etc
    • Finding additional sponsors for such new segments with appropriate promotion of these sponsors through media channels.
  • How such a role could be implemented

    • Volunteer and Administrator combining resources to deliver material in punctual and complete fashion.
    • Have defined and clear roles / tasks for both, with time frames they need to be completed by
    • Have set requirements for each platform so that followers / sponsors know what to expect and when to expect it.
    • Encourage greater participation from members to enhance support of the platforms.

    Possible role allocations


    • Match day tasks

      v Social media score updates

      • Photos for media platforms
      • Video footage of game (if possible)
      • Interviews at close of play (if possible)

        o   Weekly tasks

        v Match reports of all four grades - Monday

        v Uploading of edited video to social media channels

        v Uploading of any audio / visual material collected on match days.

        v Maintenance of social media pre and post game (Friday – Monday)

        o   Monthly tasks

      • Written / audio / video features (optional)
      • Expansion of social media following
      • Newsletter
    • o   Weekly tasks P


      • Posting completed match reports on web / social media
      • News updates on web and social media
      • Event promotion on web and social media
      • Promotion of sponsors through web and social media
      • Help with editing video / audio content

        o   Monthly tasks

      • Written / audio / video features (optional)
      • Expansion of social media following
      • Review of roles
      • Newsletter


      • Carlton Committee
        • Improvement of email mailing list to broaden the reach of aboveinitiatives
        • Social media updating early on game days i.e. Conditions / first session scores etc
        • Wider promotion of important upcoming events




Telephone: 0403 196 722