Carlton Cricket Club - Sponsorship Packages for – 2018/19






Sponsorship Level





1 Year

1 Year

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2 Year









Sponsorship benefits -







CCC website advertising and recognition;



CCC social media recognition eg Twitter, Facebook etc;



CCC letterhead/email correspondence recognition;




CCC Annual Report advertising and recognition;


CCC Club Rooms signage advertising and recognition;


CCC Presentation Night invitation for two persons;


CCC signage advertising and recognition at all games at Princes Park;



CCC advertising and recognition on clothing apparel;





CCC will encourage members to support your business;


Opportunity to present to players and parents at Thursday BBQ;



Cricket Victoria Official Handbook advertising and recognition;



Cricket Victoria Gala Awards invitation for one person;




International Cricket







Boxing Day Test Match, one entry ticket;






Boxing Day Test Match, two entry tickets;





Boxing Day Test Match, one invitation to CV luncheon;





ODI ticket for one person;






ODI tickets for two persons;













T20 ticket for one person;





T20 ticket for one person;

























Current communication reach

Facebook – 1800 likes 1825 followers

Members – 100 +

Regular Correspondence Via email – 200 +

Twitter – 3277 followers



On Field Success

Premiers First XI - 12

Premiers Second XI - 11

Premiers Third XI - 5

Premiers Fourth XI - 5

VCA Club Championship - 7


History of the Carlton Cricket Club


Like many clubs now famous, Carlton had humble beginnings, but a feature was the enthusiasm of many officials and supporters in forming the club in 1864 and in gradually building it into one of the bulwarks of cricket today. The first inter-colonial match between Victoria and New South Wales took place in Melbourne in 1866, and this match apparently sparked off a desire among young people to play regularly. In that same year several clubs were formed, with headquarters in what were known as the Carlton Gardens. The first Carlton club was formed in 1860-1861, with Captain Radcliffe president and Ben James, famous in the future of the club, one of the playing members. Another Carlton club was formed in 1864, but the present club did not come into existence until later in that year. When Royal Park changed its name to North Melbourne, a move for a Carlton Club was begun. It was constituted at a meeting held at the Orderly rooms, Grattan Street, on Thursday, 15th September, with Jos. McLean in the chair.


We know that from the 1860’s sporting activity was an important part of Princes Park’s uses. In the case of Carlton Cricket Club – formed in 1864 – our cricket home was initially based south of what we now know as Princes Park. Thereafter, the Carlton Cricket Club and the Carlton Football Club began to share a common facility known as Princes Oval. In 1897 Carlton Football Club joined the then newly formed Victorian Football League and a new site was established for football and cricket. A key reason for this move was to allow the establishment of a permanent picket fence. This was known as the Carlton Recreation Ground. For most of us today, the Cricket and Football Ground has been known as Princes Park. In 2000 Carlton Cricket Club vacated the “stadium ground” and established its home on an oval immediately alongside and known as Princes Park No.1 Oval. This is the home ground of the First and Second Elevens. The Thirds and Fourths ground lies a little further south and is known as Princes Park No. 2 Oval.


District Cricket was introduced at the commencement of the 1906-07 season, however it was by no means the beginning of inter-club cricket. By the 1850's many clubs were in existence, though in the early years matches were generally arranged on an informal basis, often with the local press determining each season's leading team. In December 1870 a regular series of Challenge Cup matches between the leading clubs was commenced - this ushered in a period of more structured competition which continued through the 1870's and 1880's.

The next major advance occurred in the 1889-90 season with the introduction of a program of Pennant Matches - this represented the start of the modem era of club competition. The original competing teams were Carlton, East Melbourne, Essendon, Fitzroy, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Richmond, St Kilda, South Melbourne, University and Williamstown. Eight rounds of matches were played in the initial season

The twelve inaugural 1st Grade District teams were Carlton, Collingwood (a brand-new club), East Melbourne, Essendon, Fitzroy, Hawksburn (which changed its name to Prahran in 1907), Melbourne, North Melbourne, Richmond, St Kilda, South Melbourne and University.


The Carlton Cricket Club aims


  • to be seen as a club that provides great benefits to a range of community members.
  • to be recognised as the most consistently successful Premier team.
  • to be respected and recognised as displaying outstanding leadership and management of an amateur sporting club.
  • to be regarded as a leading example of a well organised, responsive organisation that develops partnerships and satisfies stakeholder expectations.
  • to be recognised as the most efficient and effective business operation and administration department in Victorian Premier Cricket.

·             to identify and develop cricketers capable of competing successfully at Grade, State and Test levels.